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      Covering more than 130 languages around the world


      More than 6,000 commonly used professional translators


      Professional translation in ten fields


      Experience accumulation of more than 100 million words

      Who We Are? Why Us?

      Shine-Yu Translation, a new type language service enterprise based on internet and modern information technologies, is dedicated to provide professional, timely and value-added language services to domestic and international enterprises, public institution and governmental agencies, promote the internationalization process of self-owned brand enterprises and help multinational enterprises realize the information localization.

      Service Language

      More than 130 languages including English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Farsi, Czech, Byelorussian, Finnish, Burmese, Italian, etc.

      Operation Target

      Devoting to be the brand that gains the satisfaction of customers and is worth to be recommended

      Enterprise Spirit and Connotation


      • Be loyalty to company. Never do anything that will damage the interests of company
      • Be loyalty to customers. Nothing is more important than customers, and customers are the ones on whom our livelihood depends
      • Only in good faith can you gain the trust of company, customers and colleagues


      • Do things scientifically, the method must be scientific instead of just relying on the experiences. Before doing things, you should think about which method is the most professional one and how to gain the best result
      • Employees should have professional qualities
      • One must have the international and industry perspective, grasping the industry rules
      • Encourage employees to learn and accumulate professional knowledge, regarding the improvement of employees as that of company itself and knowing that details shows the professional level


      • Seek the steady development, pursuing both development and risk control
      • Ensure the implementation of work, really solve the practical problems and focus on the performances
      • Cost control is the important reflection of practicability


      • Our team is composed of the employees with shared values
      • Since the team wisdom is greater than that of individual and the team strength is greater than the combined strength of individuals, the task of manager is to bring into full play the strength of team
      • Pay attention to the communication and understanding among the members of team


      • Have ambition for career and the sense of master
      • Ideas must keep ahead in society and industry. Only management layer has the advanced ideas can they make right decisions and can be better than counterparts
      • Be confident with the prospect of company, keep optimistic and infect colleagues, do things with persistence and do them well
      • Hard work before honor


      • Be initiative then can be creative
      • System ensures innovation
      • Innovate in the respects including product, application of new technologies, development of new market, service, marketing, etc

      Product and Service System

      Professional Quality

      Technical Support

      Service Paramount

      Commitment Responsibility

      Written translation

      It is documents translation. Language service providers translate the documents provided by customers into the target language including bilingual translation as Chinese-foreign language and foreign language-foreign language.


      Conference Interpreting, Escort Interpreting, Translator Assignment

      Multimedia Translation

      Translate the multimedia documents of customers (audio, video, picture, etc.) into target language documents as required. Multimedia translation includes listening and translation service, dubbing service, subtitle service, etc. which is suitable for enterprise advertising video, attracting investment video; project presentation, product presentation, etc

      Website and Software Localization

      According to the requirements of customers, deal with the website or software products as per the demand of certain nation/area or language market to make them conform to the certain area market (including language, culture, convention and characteristics)

      Service Language and Scope

      Gold Service Language


      Support more than 130 languages around the world

      Western Europe Eastern Europe Northern Europe Southern Europe Central Europe Russia
      English Polish Swedish Italian German Russian
      French Austria Danish Turkish Polish Ukrainian
      Spanish Czech Finnish Greek Czech Byelorussian
      Portuguese Slovak Norwegian Albanian Slovak Kazakh
      Dutch Hungarian Icelandic Montenegro Hungarian Uzbek
      Irish Romanian Catalan Austria Latvian
      Bulgarian Swiss French Turkmen
      East Asia West Asia South Asia Southeast Asia Others
      Japanese Arabic Hindi Indonesian Lao
      Korean Farsi Pakistan Malaysian Cambodian
      Mongolian Hebrew Bengali Vietnamese
      Tibetan Turkish Nepali Thai
      Uyghur Burmese

      Often translate document types of different languages

      Product Specifications And Manuals Company Profile/Promotional Materials Technical Documentation Contract Agreement
      Tender Offer And Tender Research Report Financial Statement Patent Literature
      Multilingual Site Paper Documents Book Magazine Website Translation Localization
      Credentials Translation Stamped Subtitle ____

      Scope of Services

      Equipment Manufacturing

      • Automobile
      • engineering machinery
      • agricultural machinery
      • special-purpose machinery
      • general machinery
      • environmental equipment
      • energy equipment

      International Engineering Industry

      • construction of infrastructure projects
      • civil engineering
      • water conservancy and hydropower

      Rail Transit Equipment Industry

      • railway/high-speed rail
      • rolling stock
      • electromechanical device
      • aerospace

      Geological and Mineral Industry

      • exploration and mining
      • mineral exploitation
      • energy source geology
      • surveying and mapping engineering

      Petrochemical Engineering

      • oil-gas exploration
      • drilling engineering
      • oil production engineering
      • petroleum refining
      • chemical industry production

      Electric Power

      • electrical equipment
      • transmission and transformation project
      • electric engineering
      • project for power generation

      IT Communication

      • computer hardware industry
      • communication equipment industry
      • software
      • computer and communication services

      Culture Media

      • news
      • publishing and copyright
      • broadcast
      • television
      • film
      • art & cultural services


      • new Internet enterprises
      • e-commerce enterprises

      Law and Finance Industry

      • laws and regulations
      • finance
      • manage money matters
      • finance and economics

      Exhibition Industry

      • trade show
      • proceeding
      • conference
      • exhibition

      More Industry

      • Opening...

      Customer Cases

      Some of our customers

      After years of project operation, Shine-Yu have possessed the experience of hundreds of thousands of translation projects and more than 1 hundred million words of translation practice, having successful practice in many large and complex projects.

      Contact Us

      Shine-Yu Beijing Head Office

      Shine-Yu (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd.

      Tel : 010-56144844

      Service Hotline : 4008580885

      Email : yangxl@shine-yu.com

      Add : CAU International Business Park, No.10 Tianxiu Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

      Shine-Yu Xi'an Branch Office

      Shine-Yu (Xi'an) Information Technology Co., Ltd.

      Tel : sywzht0704

      Service Hotline : 4008580885

      Email : adminshine@shine-yu.com

      Add : Emerald Pearl Community, Caochangpo No.A50, Beilin District, Xi'an City